Severe weather is growing more frequent—and more severe—as a consequence of anthropogenic climate change. Climate change, in turn, is strongly exacerbated by animal agriculture.

Animal sanctuaries are not safe from the impacts of severe weather—storms, floods, wind, lightning, drought, fire, and more can pose serious risks to the safety of sanctuary residents as well as to sanctuary infrastructure.

Microsanctuary Resource Center is excited to announce our CLIMATE-RELATED EMERGENCY GRANTS to help sanctuaries experiencing serious effects of severe weather.

These grants can be used to fund expenses including: replacing lost/damaged animal food or bedding; transporting residents to safe shelter; and repairing damaged infrastructure.

As with all of our grants, sanctuaries must operate consistently with our Core Principles to be eligible for grant funding.

At this time, grants are limited to US-based sanctuaries.


Click here to apply.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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