MRC Grant Agreement Form

Congratulations! You have been approved to receive a grant from Microsanctuary Resource Center! By receiving grant funds and signing this agreement below, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Allow Microsanctuary Resource Center (MRC) to use your name and/or your microsanctuary name, pictures, and receipt of grant award for public outreach.
  2. Provide MRC with information about the progress of the project you received funds for, including progress reports, final pictures, receipts, etc. We want to see all the great things you are able to do!
  3. Acknowledge that receipt of a grant does not guarantee additional assistance, though we will help as much as possible (sharing fundraisers, providing advice and support, etc.); nor does receiving a grant make you an official representative of the MRC organization.
  4. Grant funds will only be used for approved purposes, as specified in the application and/or fundraiser; proof of cost and payment for these purposes may be required upon request by MRC. Grants do not need to be paid back or returned if used for approved purposes.
  5. By accepting a grant from MRC, you agree to have a profile of you/your microsanctuary listed on Microsanctuary Resource Center’s website, social media, etc. if selected.
  6. Receipt of a grant also entitles you to consultation support from MRC! As such, you agree to discuss major situational changes with us before rehoming animals or otherwise significantly altering your situation from the time of funding. We know how hard caring for farmed animals can be as a vegan, so we want to help as much as we can to make your microsanctuary successful and sustainable!

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