1. Ethical veganism
  2. No consumption of animal products, including from microsanctuary residents
  3. Rejection of “humane” animal husbandry
  4. Absolutely no breeding of residents, and taking of proper precautions to avoid breeding (including spay and neuter when appropriate)
  5. Priority is given to the safety and physical and emotional well-being of residents
  6. All human and non-human interactions are respectful
  7. Animals will not be purchased from for-profit sources, and steps will be taken not to enable farmers to continue exploiting animals
  8. Microsanctuaries will strive to be spaces of collective liberation, where beings of all species (including humans) can be safe from violence, oppression, and exploitation

Our Story

Microsanctuary Resource Center (MRC) started in late 2014 with the goal of inspiring vegans to rescue farmed animals with their existing resources. The result was an effort to create a new model for sanctuary, as well as to build a community of activist-caregivers within the larger sanctuary and vegan movements.

Originally launched as “The Microsanctuary Movement,” the organization began with a set of Core Principles, a grant program, species care guides and discussion groups like Vegans with Chickens, and other resources. Even more important was the sense of identity and community that was fostered in activists around the world.

Now, as MRC, our goal is to continue providing support and information for microsanctuaries to help provide safe homes to rescued animals who typically aren’t considered “companions”–not just farmed animals, but other species like rodents, fishes, and even insects who are exploited in various ways but rarely treated like members of the family, in the context of anti-oppression and liberation activism.

MRC is not a regulatory body; while the term and model of “microsanctuary” started with us, we do not (and never wanted to) “own” it in any way. At all times, what we focus on is promoting activism as caregiving and founding the microsanctuary model on crucial core principles.

Our goals are to continue promoting high, companion-level care standards for all non-humans; to break down the speciesist divide between “companions” and “others”; to empower activists of all backgrounds to participate in animal rescue; and to help achieve collective liberation for all beings.

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