Microsanctuaries of Color

Historically, the sanctuary movement has lacked demographic diversity, often because the model of a traditional sanctuary requires extensive financial and other resources. However, people of color have always engaged in rescue and have provided sanctuary to non-human animals in need, and they make up a majority of new vegans and a growing portion of new microsanctuaries.

Microsanctuary Resource Center created the Microsanctuaries of Color Fund in partnership with Sanctuary Publishers to provide micro-grants to vegans of color who operate or wish to start microsanctuaries.

The Microsanctuaries of Color Fund accepts applications on a rolling basis (we’ll review your application immediately upon submission).

Our micro-grants of $500 (for individuals) or $1000 (non-profits) can be used for a variety of expenses–check out the eligibility guidelines below! Please also see our main GRANTS page for additional information and for our grants FAQ.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Eligible expenses: food, housing/living spaces, other infrastructure, care supplies, veterinary care, emergencies
  • Eligible species: cats and dogs are not eligible. We prioritize farmed animals and animals who have been used for other exploitative purposes, but we will consider grants for other species on a case-by-case basis.
  • Limited placements/adoptions.
  • No unsupervised free-ranging of birds.
  • Ability to demonstrate proper, species-appropriate predator protection for any outside animals (fences, covered runs, digging barriers, etc.).
  • Ability to accommodate special needs, such as feeding of Cornish Crosses, when applicable.
  • Appropriate habitat for good quality of life.