Microsanctuary Resource Center microgrants are available for individuals and organizations engaged in rescuing and caring for farmed animals on small scales. Our grants of $500 (for individuals) or $1,000 (non-profits) aim to help microsanctuaries with a variety of expenses, from infrastructure, to special projects, to veterinary care.
We currently have three funds:
1. Reproductive Healthcare Fund: used for contraception and other reproductive healthcare, by a veterinarian.
2. Microsanctuaries of Color Fund: this program, in partnership with Sanctuary Publishers, provides grants for vegans of color to help with starting a microsanctuary or making improvements to an existing microsanctuary.
3. Startup Fund: one-time grants to help with starting a microsanctuary or specific care expenses.
Before applying, please read the following resources to understand fully the principles and goals of Microsanctuary Resource Center:
General Guidelines/Eligibility Requirements (PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING):
1. 20 total animals or fewer.
2. VERY limited fundraising.
3. Limited placements/adoptions.
4. No unsupervised free-ranging of birds.
5. Ability to demonstrate proper, species-appropriate predator protection for any outside animals (fences, covered runs, digging barriers, etc.).
6. Ability to accommodate special needs, such as feeding of Cornish Crosses, when applicable.
7. Appropriate habitat for good quality of life.
1. Do I have to be a tax-exempt non-profit organization to receive a grant?
No! Microsanctuaries are about individuals devoting their time, energy, and resources to rescuing and caring for farmed animals, to whatever capacity they can to be sustainable. While some people with microsanctuaries do become non-profit organizations and receive tax-exempt status, that is not required and in many cases not preferable for a microsanctuary.
2. What if I’m not vegan?
As we discuss in our Core Principles, ethical veganism is the guiding principle of microsanctuaries. As such, we cannot fund projects or organizations that do not embrace non-exploitation of animals, and we will not fund anything that continues the use of animals for food or other purposes.
This means, for example, that you and others in your household must not eat, sell, give away, or otherwise allow for human use the eggs that your hens and other female birds lay. Feathers, wool/hair, milk, even feces are not meant to be treated as a “resource” that humans may use. Breeding is also prohibited, as is riding of larger animals like horses. Please see our Core Principles for additional information.
3. What can I use the money for?
You can use a grant to cover some expenses related to your microsanctuary. Typically, we fund one-time projects that will have a lasting impact on residents, such as new housing, fencing, renovations to an existing structure, and a specific medical need. We usually do not fund ongoing general expenses, like food. Our reproductive care fund covers specific veterinary care.
4. Can I get a grant for dog or cat rescue?
While we recognize that dogs and cats are very often members of a microsanctuary family, our grant program is focused on farmed animals and other commonly exploited species who aren’t typically considered to be “companions.”
5. How long will it take for me to get funds?
The application review process should take no more than 4-6 weeks after each quarterly deadline. We prefer to send funds via PayPal but can send a paper check as well. Please specify in your application if you need funds by a particular date or method.
6. Do grant funds have to be paid back?
Grant funds are not loans and do not need to be paid back or returned as long as they are used for approved purposes. If your needs change after grant application approval, please be in touch for our approval.
7. If I get a grant, can I apply for future grants?
Yes! We accept applications for renewal funding for grantees. However, we can only provide one grant per person/organization in a single 12-month period. If you wish to apply for renewal funding, please wait a year before submitting another application.
8. What if I have to shut down my microsanctuary?
Part of the goal of offering consulting support is to help prevent disasters and situations where you have to rehome your residents. So please talk to us whenever problems arise so we can help!
Questions? E-mail us at!
Click here to apply online:

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