Giving Tuesday 2020

Today (May 5th) is Giving Tuesday, and we encourage everyone who is able to please consider donating to support organizations that provide direct care to individuals in need—both nonhuman and human individuals.

If anything, the work load of these direct care organizations has increased in the face of lockdowns and diminished incomes, so this Giving Tuesday is an important one for many in the caregiving field—such as animal sanctuaries and mutual aid groups, all around the world.

MRC has been providing small project-focused grants to individual and nonprofit microsanctuaries since 2016, and last year we gave out over $41,000 in grant funds. This year looks to be even busier, especially as we’ve expanded our grant fund to larger sanctuaries as well as microsanctuaries.

If you’d like to support MRC’s grants, you can donate via PayPal on our website! We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and our grants have supported animal care around the world.

Stay safe everyone! ❤️

givingtuesday #givingtuesdaynow

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