Microsanctuary Resource Center is excited to announce that applications for our micro-grant program are now being accepted!

MRC micro-grants are available for individuals and organizations engaged in rescuing and caring for farmed animals and other exploited species, especially on small scales. Our grants of $500 (for individuals) or $1,000 (non-profits) aim to help microsanctuaries and sanctuaries with a variety of expenses, from infrastructure, to special projects, to veterinary care.

We have additional news as well: applications will now be accepted on an ongoing basis, with no quarterly deadlines to apply.

To learn more about our different grant funds and eligibility guidelines, and to apply, visit:


If you’re a vegan of color running a microsanctuary for non-traditional, exploited animal species, check out our Microsanctuaries of Color Fund as well:


Photo credit: Sjoerdje the hen gets some in-home veterinary TLC with human caregiver Bas at their microsanctuary in The Netherlands.

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